Wells Fargo Presents: The Anguish of Rosarito
Season 1, Episode 9
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Air date September 9, 2014
Written by Evan Bleiweiss
Directed by Matt Earl Beesley
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Everything Old is New Again
Night of the Whale

Wells Fargo Presents: The Anguish of Rosarito is the ninth episode in season 1 of Matador. It first aired in the United States on September 9, 2014.


Warning: The "Detailed synopsis" contains extensive plot information with major spoilers.

Is there anything worse than horrible in-flight service? Just ask the passengers who landed in San Francisco. Samuel's uncovering of Tony's past leaves Matador and Galan at odds. Meanwhile, the CIA learns of Dr. Lucien Sayer's secret to extending life.[1]

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